This Week in Disaster Resilience 19 October 2018

(week ending 19 October 2018)
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Recent emergencies/disaster
Storm Callum: One killed as Wales suffers 'worst flooding for 30 years'
27 injured as hurricane-force winds batter Portugal

Death toll climbs to 24 as flood situation improves in Odisha

Flash floods sweep through valleys in Norway

Flash floods sweep through valleys

4 months' worth of rain in 6 hours floods southern France, death toll in Europe rises to 31
Flash flooding and landslides devastate Indonesia

Oman and Yemen – Tropical Cyclone ‘Luban’ Leaves 3 Dead
11 dead in France flooding, as three months of rain falls in one night

A 2nd victim has died in the Texas flooding, but the Llano River is going down
45 people and 33 000 livestock killed, 17 400 homes destroyed in Niger floods
Tunisia – Deadly Floods After Heavy Rain in Central and Northern Areas
Volcanic activity worldwide 18 Oct 2018: Krakatau volcano, Dukono, Kerinci, Reventador,
Extreme Weather and Climate Change
One of the leading climate scientists of our time is warning of the horrifying possibility of 15-
to-20 feet of sea-level rise
Individual action won’t achieve 1.5C warming – social change is needed, as history shows
Climate change is becoming so real that it’s gaining converts for a carbon price
Climate change provided high octane fuel for Hurricane Michael

'Jaw dropping': New Zealand offers lessons in tackling climate change
With climate change fiction, novelists aim for ‘radical empathy’

With climate change fiction, novelists aim for ‘radical empathy’

Sea Level Rise and the Fate of Coastal Cities,-
Raising awareness of climate change in Kiribati

Make best use of time to prepare for sea level rise, says coast flood expert

2018 is "almost guaranteed" to be Earth's 4th-warmest year on record

After the panicky IPCC report on climate change, it’s easy for pessimism to set in – but that
would be conceding defeat

A new scenario resource for integrated 1.5 °C research
Exacerbated fires in Mediterranean Europe due to anthropogenic warming projected with
non-stationary climate-fire models
Transforming Vulnerability: Shelter, Adaptation, and Climate Thresholds
The Dutch Can’t Save Us From Rising Seas

Cool solutions
More floods and droughts in a warmer world. But certain regions will be worse off than
While my island nation sinks, Australia is doing nothing to solve climate change

NASA’s New Satellite Will Provide Best Picture Yet of How Much and How Fast Seas Will Rise

Disaster risk reduction
Flood-hit Kerala has to sensibly re-think its tourism model – sustainability is a must

Africa, Arab States to deliver on Sendai
Reducing disaster risks in Kenya, Sierra Leone and Indonesia

Only way to prevent disasters is anticipate and plan carefully

Among the Ruins of Mexico Beach Stands One House, Built ‘for the Big One’

The city politics of an urban age: urban resilience conceptualisations and policies
Hurricane Michael insured losses could total up to $4.5B
Solomon Islands to get new seismic monitoring network

Disaster preparedness in Bangladesh: A shift in paradigm

Building better before the next disaster: How retrofitting homes can save lives and
strengthen economies
Flash flood risks grow as downpours get more intense

A Fiscally Based Scale For Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge
Yes, a tsunami could hit Sydney – causing flooding and dangerous current
Dutch Masters: The Netherlands exports flood-control expertise

Envisioning urban resilience for Tanzania
Creating a web map of flood risk
The latest disaster in Indonesia shows the need for the global system put in place in the
wake of 2004’s devastating waves
Plan to address Boston flooding

World’s first wind-mapping satellite set to launch
Why floodplains need to be protected
After Hurricane Michael, A Call For Stricter Building Codes In Florida's Panhandle

Surface water: The biggest flood risk of all: Speech by Sir James Bevan KCMG, Chief
Executive, Environment Agency
Tsunami scientists clash with Indonesian government over rules on foreign research
Tornadoes are spinning up farther east in US, study finds
Earthquake sensor network aims to give B.C. crucial seconds to prepare for the 'Big One'
Our opinion: Interactive flood-risk map can be a useful tool

As climate change batters U.S. cities, some discuss 'managed retreat'
Emergency Management
Indonesia limits foreign aid

Florida schools scramble to get students back in class after Hurricane Michael
Hurricane Michael killed her husband as she watched. She refused to leave his body in the
Diversity in Disaster Monograph
At epicentre of Indonesia disaster, Guterres praises resilience of Sulawesi people
One Red Cross aid worker’s experience with Indonesia’s back-to-back disasters

Disasters reveal gender gap
An imperfect storm: Professionalism and politics in disaster management

South Island Alpine Fault Earthquake Response (SAFER) Framework
Indonesia is reeling from a series of geologically-triggered
Why the Current Hurricane Rating System Needs to Be Scrapped

Hurricane Michael's destruction wasn't limited to the Florida coast
Hurricane Michael Death Toll Rises To At Least 29
Dukes of Hazards: The Emergency Management Podcast

Inside Hurricane Michael's dangerous, unreal world for first responders
Ghosts of Kedarnath floods: 5 years on, remains of 670 victims still unidentified

Why Stay During A Hurricane? Because It's Not As Simple As 'Get Out'
Near Real-Time Extracting Wildfire Spread Rate from Himawari-8 Satellite Data
Disaster education, communications and engagement
The importance of raising public awareness about disaster risk
Make a Disaster Plan for Your Pets
Missing: A cutting-edge hub for risk communication for action
Few Auckland businesses ready for disaster
Scientists aim to use crowdsourced data to improve flood predictions
Should we stop calling hurricanes natural disasters?
Multi Hazard School Drills
Small businesses and flooding: What are the options?
Indonesia’s indigenous languages hold the secrets of surviving disaster
Hazard communication by volcanologists: part 2 - quality standards for volcanic hazard
Warrimoo Public School recognised for bushfire ready program
Without captions, warnings about Hurricane Michael failed to reach disabled
Millions Worldwide To Participate In 2018 Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills
Social Media and Emergency Management
Heart-wrenching images of Hurricane Michael flood social media
Disaster Psychology
Recovering emotionally from disaster
If you’re suffering from climate grief, you’re not alone
'A Little Broken' - First Responders Grapple With Unseen Scars of the 2017 Fire Siege
It’s what you don’t imagine that kills you
Sociology and Disasters
Perceived neighborhood boundaries: A missing link in modeling post-disaster housing
Indonesia’s Disaster Politics
Podcast: Social capital: tough ties for tough times (with Professor Daniel Aldrich)
Responding to natural disasters: Examining identity and prosociality in the context of a
major earthquake
Using a natural experiment to estimate the electoral consequences of terrorist attacks
TIEMS 25th Anniversary (1993 – 2018) Conference, Manila, November 13 - 16, 2018

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