THIS WEEK IN DISASTER RESILIENCE (week ending 11 August 2017)

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Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this
Recent emergencies/disasters
Typhoon "Noru" leaves at least 2 dead and 9 missing, Japan
State of emergency extended in Canada's fire-hit west
Rare August tornado injures at least 25 people in Tulsa

Current California wildfire incidents
Flooding in Las Vegas
Massive Florida sinkhole claims five more homes

Flooding kills at least 26 in northern Vietnam
Pakistan – Deadly Landslides and Floods in Gilgit-Baltistan
As many as 100 people feared dead in Chinese earthquake

"Blizzard of Oz" brings rare thundersnow storms to NSW and Victoria, Australia

Violent thunderstorm hits Italy after major heat wave, leaves 3 dead

Significant explosive eruption at Bogoslof, Aviation Color Code Red
Volcanic activity worldwide 8 Aug 2017: Fuego volcano, Karymsky, Klyuchevskoy, Shiveluch,

Venezuela – Floods Affect Thousands as Major Rivers Overflow
Landslide in south-west China kills 24

B.C. wildfires status Wednesday: More than 360 wildfires this season are human-caused
Franklin, the first hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic season is about to hit Veracruz
Flash Floods Prompt Dozens of Flood Rescues in Houston
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire flooding caused by heavy rain
Russia – Hundreds Displaced as Floods in Far East Damage Homes and Roads
Extreme Weather and Climate Change
Climate change to blame for Australia’s July heat
Death Valley Sets New Global Record for Hottest Single Month
Weather disasters to impact 2 out of 3 Europeans by 2100, study says
Global Warming Is Fueling Arizona’s Monstrous Monsoons
When It Comes to Climate, Look for Vulnerabilities in Policy, Not Science
There’s a Wildfire Burning in West Greenland Right Now
Climate change is turning cities into harsh, sweltering hotspots
Climate change is turning cities into harsh, sweltering hotspots
Peru’s glaciers have made it a laboratory for adapting to climate change. It’s not going well
Dying gods: Mt Kenya’s disappearing glaciers spread violence below
Future changes in global tides will change flood risk and tidal energy decisions
Climate Change's Role in Disasters and Disaster Risk Reduction
Summer on steroids: Fires, devilish heat waves, and floods
The IPCC and the Sixth Assessment cycle
Guide to Urban Cooling Strategies
Strategies and Technologies to Mitigate Urban Heat
Americans already feeling effects of climate change, says report
Weekly Glacier Flow Estimation from Dense Satellite Time Series Using Adapted Optical Flow
A new way to verify the real impacts of climate action in cities

‘Lucifer’ Bakes Europe in Intense Heat Wave

Building resilience through climate-proof infrastructure in Timor-Leste
Climate gloom and doom? Bring it on. But we need stories about taking action, too
July Was Record Hot for Parts of Alaska and the West
Everyone’s Talking About That Leaked Government Climate Report
Short-termism and the threat from climate change
Record Temperature Streak Bears Anthropogenic Fingerprint
Planet marks new highs for heat, pollutants, sea level in 2016: report
Australia faces potentially disastrous consequences of climate change, inquiry told
37th State of the Climate Report
Disaster risk reduction
Yellowstone volcano has been struck by 1,400 earthquakes in recent weeks, leading to fears
that the supervolcano is ready to blow
Integrated Flood Management to Enhance Climate Resilience of the Vaisigano River
Catchment in Samoa
Slow the Flow Calderdale
Fire mapping with satellites and smart phones
Latest edition of Floodplain Manager
Scientists say nation must choose: Planned fires or more unchecked wildfires?

Scientists say nation must choose: Planned fires or more unchecked wildfires?

A perfect storm is brewing - and we can prevent it
Study highlights complex causes of Maldives flooding
Aerial photos show the stunning transformation of Australia’s top 10 fastest growing regions
Extremely active hurricane season forecast

NIST Funds 12 Projects to Make Communities More Resilient to Disasters
Review of literature on decision support systems for natural hazard risk reduction: Current
status and future research directions
Emergency Management
The impact of disasters on agriculture: Addressing the information gap

In search of International Disaster Law
Vanuatu Launches Tsunami Early Warning System

Learning lessons from research insights: Black Saturday case study
Fire spread simulator capabilities assessed
14 pumps inactive during New Orleans flooding; disabled turbines led to power issues,
officials say
Notes on Working with Volunteers on the Geolocation team

Satellite plays important role in detection and monitoring of flood situations over large
Simulation-based optimization of emergency evacuation strategy in ultra-high-rise buildings
Odisha Govt Pegs Flood Damage At Rs 219 Cr In 5 Districts

Disaster and Neglect in Louisiana

In times of emergency, Britain needs more than community resilience

New Orleans exploring early warning flood system
EARTH EX is designed to improve community resilience to large scale, long duration power
outages through multi-sector exercises
Aon Report – Asia Records $10bn Economic Loss After July Floods
Disaster education, communications and engagement
These Artists Are Trying to Make Climate Change Visceral

Disasters Conference: learning from the past 40 years
Disaster Education: A Survey Study to Analyze Disaster Medicine Training in Emergency
Medicine Residency Programs in the United States

Enhancing Community Resilience towards Disaster: The Contributing Factors of SchoolCommunity
Collaborative Network in the Tsunami Affected Area in Aceh
Understanding disaster risk terminology
Disaster preparedness now part of school curriculum in the Philippines
Is Your School In A Flood Zone?
Telling Fire’s Story through Narrative and Art
Students help to promote flood resilience and insurance in the community
How to learn together for wildfire risk management
In Case Of A Flood
Social media and emergency management
Impact of Social Media on Chennai Floods
Social media data present an opportunity for mental health surveillance after disasters
Disaster psychology
The nature and distribution of affiliative behaviour during exposure to mild threat
Social Capital and Disasters
Social network analysis using R
Social networks are the key to building disaster resilient communities

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