Bundaberg Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) to be Released

Bundaberg Regional Council (Council) sought to develop a CHAS for its 110km coastline which evaluated hazards such as coastal erosion, storm tide inundation and sea level rise and their potential impacts on the community, infrastructure and the environment. Council engaged Water Technology who worked collaboratively with Molino Stewart to prepare a strategy aimed at reducing the future risk of erosion and flooding under a changed climate, whilst increasing community resilience. Molino Stewart led the risk assessment part of the work and the identification, evaluation and prioritisation of suitable risk reduction options. The project was delivered in multiple phases and included several community and key stakeholders engagement events to ensure that local input was taken into account and that people had an understanding of risks and vulnerabilities associated with the region. The CHAS was presented to the Community Reference group for review, prior to it being open to public input from 3-31 August 2020. The estimated completion of the final phase of this project is expected to be September 2020. The draft strategy is now open to the public for input and can be viewed here.