Detention Basin Safety Plans

Molino Stewart has been preparing Emergency Plans and Operations and Maintenance Plans for a number of declared detention basins in NSW. These plans describe how the dam owner, usually the local Council, should manage the basins on a day-to-day basis to reduce the risk of incidents during a flood event, and the actions to be undertaken during a flood emergency. The plans are mandatory for declared basins under the NSW Dams Safety Regulation 2019 and were prepared to comply with the recent guidelines released by Dams Safety New South Wales (DSNSW).

To date, Molino Stewart has delivered a total of 26 Emergency Plans and 15 Operation and Maintenance Plans for councils. Additional reports are currently being prepared for councils and state agencies.

Molino Stewart has also been providing advice to the NSW SES and DSNSW to improve the way in which emergency triggers are selected for small- to medium-sized detention basins, to maximise the time available for evacuation of the population at risk.