Essential Energy Bushfire Safety Audits for High Voltage Customers

Essential Energy has obligations under the Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014 to manage bushfire risk relating to aerial consumer mains on bushfire prone land that is private land. This is in light of incidents, such as the Currandooley (2018) and Salt Ash (2013) fires allegedly caused by privately owned powerlines.

Essential Energy contacted all of its HV customers and requested that they provide evidence that their high voltage site is managed in accordance with an appropriately implemented Installation Safety Management Plan (ISMP). Evidence was to be by way of a Certificate of Compliance provided by a suitably qualified independent Electricity Network Safety Management System (ENSMS) auditor on the IPART List of Approved Auditors.

As an IPART approved auditor, Molino Stewart, in association with Denis Cooke and Associates, was engaged to undertake bushfire safety audits for 10 facilities across several industries with varying HV configurations and complexities.