Parramatta Footbridge and Cycleway REF

Molino Stewart prepared an REF for an innovatively designed pedestrian footbridge over the Parramatta River. Key issues included its visual impacts and potential construction impacts on ecologically significant mangroves. The REF was originally completed in 2017 based on concept plans. Our work included the REF, a terrestrial ecology and aquatic ecology assessment. In 2020, due to refinement of the construction methodology the environmental assessments required updating. The 2017 REF was determined prior to the introduction of the Coastal Management SEPP. The implication of this was that when the construction methods were updated the extent of mangrove clearing could not be increased without triggering an EIS. Molino Stewart undertook consultation with DPIE to confirm our approach was correct and the design team developed a responsive methodology. We worked with marine specialists Bio Analysis, who undertook an ecological assessment of the mangroves, and sampling of the river sediments. With acid sulphate soils being present, Molino Stewart also prepared an acid sulphate soil management plan to accompany the REF. Read more here.