Saltwater Creek and Lagoon Estuary’s new Coastal Management Program (CMP) Nearing Completion

In collaboration with Water Technology, Molino Stewart is nearing the completion of the first stage of Saltwater Creek and Lagoon Estuary’s new Coastal Management Program (CMP). The CMP has the purpose of setting the overall long-term strategy for the coordinated management of the estuary by identifying and implementing actions to address current and emerging issues. This will be used by Kempsey Shire Council to manage the increasing pressures from urban development, population growth and climate change within this important natural setting that is highly valued by the local community. Stage 1 specifically entails reviewing the current state of the estuary and its management through extensive research and community engagement to develop a shared understanding of the key values and risks associated with Saltwater Creek and Lagoon. This forms the basis for the subsequent four stages of the CMP, leading up to the implementation of the identified high-priority management measures. Through this process, we have found that the community is most concerned about: 1) the degradation of wetlands, 2) pressures from urban development, and 3) water quality issues within the Saltwater Creek and Lagoon. Receiving input from the local community is critical in ensuring the CMP addresses the most pertinent issues in the estuary, and that all future management actions are underlaid by strong local understanding.

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