State of the Environment Reports produced for 17 NSW local councils

Molino Stewart recently produced State of the Environment (SoE) reports for 15 local councils in the Central West of NSW and two councils in the north-west of the state (Moree Plains Shire and Narrabri Shire Council). As per the NSW Local Government Act 1993, SoE reports are required from local councils in the year of the council elections (originally in 2020 but delayed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic). In the SoE reports, for the period since the last council election (2016-21), councils are required to report on how their environmental objectives have fared in relation to trends in a suite of environmental indicators.

For the past 12 years Molino Stewart has used an online data collection system to obtain council-derived data for the SoE reporting. This is augmented with data from other sources (e.g. NSW Government agencies) to provide trends in indicators related to five themes: Land, Biodiversity, Water and Waterways, People and Communities, and Towards Sustainability. The reports are graphically designed to improve attraction and readability.

The reports can be accessed here.