Steven Molino Praised for Valuable Flood Evidence during the Parramatta Powerhouse Museum Parliamentary Inquiry

Earlier this month, Molino Stewart Principal Steven Molino again appeared before the Select Committee on the Government's management of the Powerhouse Museum and other museums and cultural projects in New South Wales to give evidence regarding flood risks. Steven had previously submitted a report summarising the flood risks of the proposed museum site along the Parramatta River, and had been asked to speak on the matter in late 2020. The primary concerns identified were risks to people, risk to neighbouring properties, and risk to the museum collections. This month, he acknowledged that design modifications in response to his evidence had significantly reduced risks to people and further modelling clarified ambiguities about risks to neighbouring properties.  However, Steven reiterated his concern that a quantified flood risk assessment of the museum collections had still not been undertaken and requiring it as a condition just prior to occupation could be too late to implement practical and affordable mitigation measures. The Deputy Chair and other members of the committee stated their gratitude for Steven’s engagement in the process and valuable insight into the grave flood risks.

Recording of the session can be found here and the transcript here.

Steven’s detailed report can be found here.

NSW Parliament - Mngmt of museums and cultural projects in NSW – 29.07.20 – 4.15pm to 4.45pm - YouTube