Wimmera Flood Knowledge and Language Social Research

Neil Dufty and Jenni Kremer recently gave a presentation to the Wimmera Strategic Water Management Working Group on findings of the Wimmera Flood Knowledge and Language Social Research project. The social research was conducted in six flood-prone Wimmera communities and used a research framework that analysed possible contributing factors to community preparedness and response levels. The research was conducted across all five flood risk categories used by Wimmera Catchment Management Authority.

The research provided an insight into issues and possible interventions to manage them. For example, it found that prior flood experience was a major contributing factor to preparedness and response behaviours. However, risk perception did not strongly influence the willingness to evacuate in a flood. Gender and age were also important factors in some behaviours e.g. older males were more willing to drive through floodwaters.

The presentation is available here