Wollondilly Biodiversity Strategy and Offset Policy

Molino Stewart recently completed a comprehensive update of the draft Biodiversity Strategy for Wollondilly Shire Council. Covering the whole LGA, the Strategy details the actions Wollondilly Shire Council can undertake to protect its substantial biodiversity resources while it is also subject to substantial urban growth.

The Biodiversity Strategy will be complemented by the Biodiversity Offset Policy which Molino Stewart also drafted. This policy set out the Council’s approach to offsetting within its LGA, both in relation to its role in the assessment of developments triggering the Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BOS) under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act and provides a framework for a local, small scale offsetting program within the LGA to apply where the entry threshold to the BOS is not triggered.

When adopted, Wollondilly will be one of only four NSW Councils to have this type of policy.