Our People

Steven Molino

B.Sc (Environmental Chemistry and Geography), B.E. (Civil) (Hons), MIE Aust, CPEng, Certified Lead Environmental Auditor
Steven is a founding principal of Molino Stewart. He has demonstrated a high level of skill in handling the environmental approval of a number of large contentious projects.

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He is adept at assisting clients formulate options for achieving objectives and using a technique known as multi criteria analysis to evaluate the options.Steven has used this successfully to help groups with diverse views reach consensus. Steven has particular expertise in floodplain management, natural hazard response planning, environmental auditing and hazardous waste management.  His strong interpersonal skills and broad technical expertise have been used to good effect in workshop facilitation, community consultation programs and training.

Steven has particular skills and experience in:

  • Warning Systems
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Planning
  • Floodplain Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Management Systems and Audits
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Design and Delivery of Environmental Training


Shireen Baguley

B.E. (Civil) (Hons 1), M. Eng Sc (Water Resources), Dip of Arts (Journalism), Dip of Conservation and Land Management, Certified Lead Environmental Auditor
Shireen has qualifications in engineering, natural resource management and journalism and has received awards for her work in each of these fields.

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She has over 20 years of experience in water resource management, environmental impact assessment and project management, gained through consulting and senior government roles. Shireen has qualifications in engineering, natural resource management and journalism and has received awards for her work in each of these fields.

She has worked on a wide variety of natural resource management and sustainability projects, developed policy and implemented award winning best practice strategies and programs for vegetation management, conservation and land use management. Shireen has substantial experience as a project manager and in contract management, having led multidisciplinary teams and worked extensively in the development of strategies and management plans.

In water resources management, she has strong capabilities and experience in:

  • Managing the development and implementation of capital works,
  • Policy development
  • Modelling, forecasting and reporting in relation to urban water requirements
  • Water conservation and demand management measures
  • Program evaluation
  • Hydraulic, hydrologic and water quality modelling
  • Waterway assessments and water management plans
  • Floodplain risk management studies and plans

In natural resource management, she has extensive experience in:

  • The development and implementation of environmental rehabilitation and community education projects
  • State of the environment reporting
  • The development and implementation of strategic natural resource management plans
  • Program development and implementation and department management
  • Development and implementation of environmental risk management frameworks for local government land management activities
  • Management of multi-disciplinary teams
  • Leadership roles on international development projects

In environmental impact assessment, she has strong capabilities and experience in:

  • Environmental impact assessments as required under the EP&A Act
  • Assessed environmental issues, constraints and opportunities for development and rehabilitation projects
  • Land use capability assessments
  • Development of environmental management programs and strategies
  • Development of construction environmental management plans


Neil Dufty

B.Arts (Earth Sciences), Dip. of Education
Neil has qualifications in earth science and education. He has over 35 years of experience in environmental education and management, and over 10 years of experience in disaster education, management and evaluation.

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He is the Regional Director of The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience at the University of Western England. He is also a member of the Australasian Evaluation Society.

In the environment field, Neil has strong capabilities and experience in:

  • Designing and evaluating environmental education and sustainability education plans and programs across all sectors including schools, communities, government agencies and businesses.
  • Writing technical and non-technical publications about environmental themes. For example, he has written several environmental encyclopaedias and State of the Environment reports.
  • Developing and evaluating strategic natural resource management plans.

In the disaster management field, he has strong capabilities and experience in:

  • Designing and evaluating disaster education and engagement plans and programs across all sectors including schools, communities, government agencies and businesses. He has developed a new approach titled ‘Learning for Disaster Resilience’.
  • Developing and evaluating hazard warning systems particularly for floods and bushfires.
  • Writing technical and non-technical publications about aspects of disaster management and resilience.
  • Preparing climate change adaptation and disaster resilience plans and programs.
  • Evaluating the performance of emergency management including after events.

Neil is also an experienced facilitator and has facilitated numerous meetings, workshops and forums particularly related to sensitive and complex issues.

A list of his publications relating to disaster management and resilience can be found here.


Filippo Dall'Osso

Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences
Filippo is an environmental scientist with extensive experience in disaster risk reduction, spatial analysis, remote sensing, and coastal zone management.

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He has a BSc and MSc and holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences (specialising in natural hazards) obtained at the University of Bologna (Italy). He is an invited co-author of two UNESCO/IOC Manuals for inundation risk management in the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and of the 2014 United Nations Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction. He has published ten scientific papers (nine as primary author) in international high-impact journals, including the prestigious open-access journal of Nature.

Before moving to Molino-Stewart, Filippo was a Senior Researcher at the University of Sydney’s Natural Hazards Group, where he was leading a $500,000 state-funded project to reduce the risk posed by natural hazards to NSW people with disabilities. Prior to that, Filippo was the Chief-Investigator (with Prof. Dominey-Howes) of the COVERMAR project , whose aim was to assess and map the impact of extreme floods on coastal assets in Sydney, using a risk assessment model that Filippo independently developed and validated.

In recognition of the contribution made in the field of resilience and risk analysis, Filippo received from the Attorney General’s Department the 2014 “Resilient Australia Award”, for the project COVERMAR.

Before moving to Australia in 2011, Filippo worked for six years as consultant for a global environmental engineering company, Med Ingegneria, from their offices in Italy. At Med Ingegneria he progressed from the position of spatial analyst, to the head of the Risk Assessment and GIS Office. He managed a team comprised of spatial scientists, geologists and engineers.

Filippo’s main fields of expertise are:

  • Natural hazard analysis and mapping, in relation to climate change
  • Vulnerability of the built environment
  • Community resilience
  • Emergency planning
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Scientific research and writing


Ryan Maxwell
B. Science. (Sustainable Resource Management / Marine Science), M. Environmental Management (Water Resources), Cert IV Work Health & Safety, Lead Environmental Auditor
Ryan is an experienced environmental professional with more than 12 years’ experience within the construction, resources, and operations and maintenance sectors

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Ryan has worked for several tier one construction companies providing site-based environmental management for large and complex road, rail and building infrastructure projects located throughout NSW, Qld and the Pacific region.

Over the course of his career, Ryan has obtained knowledge and practical application of environmental aspects including soil, surface water, groundwater, erosion and sediment control, biodiversity, noise, vibration, Aboriginal heritage, non-Aboriginal heritage, contamination, waste, traffic, visual amenity, community and sustainability.

More specifically, Ryan has significant experience with:

  • planning and delivery of construction projects in environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, Threatened Ecological Communities, waterways including Key Fish Habitat, groundwater dependant ecosystems, areas with protected species under the BC Act and EPBC Act;
  • the development and implementation of construction and operational environmental management plans and various sub-plans;
  • preparation of Part 5 planning approvals and post approvals for government agencies including TfNSW, RMS, NPWS, Sydney Water and various Councils;
  • environmental licensing, permits and approvals including Environmental Protection Licences, Controlled Activity Approvals, Part 7 Fisheries Permits and Water Supply Works Approvals;
  • overall site environmental management to ensure compliance with project requirements and resolve site environmental issues including site inspections, hazard identification and closeout, training, compliance reporting, auditing, incident investigations, liaising with stakeholder i.e. community, regulators, clients etc.
  • developing environmental monitoring programs and site environmental monitoring of surface water, noise, vibration and dust;

Since joining Molino Stewart in 2021, Ryan has worked on a range of projects including the preparation of Review of Environmental Factors, independent environmental audits, pollution and water quality assessments, water licensing and approvals coordination and provided construction environmental support for large NSW government infrastructure projects.

While Ryan is predominantly a generalist environmental manager, he also has a strong passion for and specialist skills in soil, riparian and waterway conservation and management. Ryan has qualifications in marine science and is currently studying a Master of Environmental Management – Water Resources at Charles Sturt University.


Kelsey Sanborn

Ph.D. (Geology), B. Sc (Geology and Environmental Science) (Hons)
Kelsey is a Natural Hazard and Spatial Analyst with expertise in mapping in a range of terrestrial and marine environments.

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Kelsey holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Environmental Science from Tufts University (Boston, USA), and a first class honours and PhD in Geology from the University of Sydney. Her PhD involved investigating the response and development of past coral reef systems to climate change.

Since joining Molino Stewart, Kelsey has worked on a range of flooding and natural hazards projects. Kelsey brings extensive experience in analysing spatial data, performing satellite imagery time series analyses, and interpreting mapped environmental indicators.

Kelsey has taught masters and undergraduate level courses on GIS, coastal management, and geological sciences at the University of Sydney. She has published multiple research articles on past sea-level change and coral reef development, and has won several awards for presentations of her research topics at international scientific conferences.

Kelsey’s main fields of expertise are:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing
  • Floodplain risk assessment
  • Coastal risk assessment
  • Scientific research and writing
  • Spatial and temporal analysis of environmental data
  • Design and interpretation of land cover and change detection maps
  • Natural hazard analysis and mapping


Rhiannon Garrett

Ph.D Geophysics, B.Sc. Geology and Geophysics (Adv) (Hons)
Rhiannon is a Natural Hazard and Spatial Analyst with expertise in geophysics focused on modelling river sediment transport.

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Rhiannon holds a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) in Geology and Geophysics with First Class Honours and a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Sydney. Her postdoctoral research involved numerical modelling of erosion, sediment transfer and deposition by river systems in the Gulf of Papua, PNG.

Rhiannon is a geoscientist with expertise in geospatial analysis and geophysical modelling of river catchments. She has experience in acquiring and preparing complex geospatial data for model input, validating model output with spatial datasets and analysing model results for river systems.

Since joining Molino Stewart, Rhiannon has worked on a range of projects, including flood risk assessments, flood emergency response plans, flood compliance reports, State of the Environment reports and a variety of hazard assessments for both public and private clients. She has conducted geospatial analysis of a range of natural hazards and has used ArcGIS, QGIS and waterRIDE to produce maps to enhance a number of reports and assessments.

Rhiannon’s main fields of expertise are:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Spatial analysis of complex earth system data
  • Mapping
  • Flood assessment
  • Report writing
  • Landscape evolution modelling
  • Geophysics


Clayton Woods

B. Sc (Ecology and Environmental Science) (Hons)
Clayton is an ecologist and environmental scientist with particular expertise in conservation ecology and environmental policy.

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Clayton holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science from the University of Edinburgh. For his honours-level thesis, Clayton studied ecosystem resilience to large scale disturbance events. His project focused on using remote sensing technology to determine the impacts of Cyclone Idai and earlier cyclone events on the miombo woodland of Mozambique.

Whilst undertaking his studies, Clayton received funding from the university to join a research expedition with the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. This research expedition helped to create baseline data on the movement, habitats, abundance, and anthropogenic threats to Scotland’s marine life. The data collected was provided to the Scottish Government to inform protection measures for Minke whales, Risso’s dolphins, Harbour porpoises, and Basking sharks across the Hebridean seas.

In 2018 Clayton received funding to conduct coral reef research with GVI Fiji over a period of three months. During this time, he gained PADI Advanced Open Water diving certification and PADI Coral Reef Research Diver certification. Participating on this program involved conducting important research with key partners, and making a direct contribution to preserving the corals in the Caqalai region of Fiji. The research aimed to support the sustainable use and preservation of marine resources in the region, with benefits to the local communities through the development of versatile marine management strategies.

Prior to joining Molino Stewart, Clayton worked for the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment as a Conservation Assessment Officer. In this position, his duties included: taking lead on the development of a multi-national Wildlife Conservation Plan for Migratory Shorebirds; developing Listing Assessments, Conservation Advice, and Recovery Plans for bushfire affected species under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act); and, carrying out public and expert consultation on draft Conservation Advice and Listing Assessments. He was also involved in the post-fire recovery working group for the Gang-gang Cockatoo, and the conservation action steering committee for migratory shorebirds.

Since joining Molino Stewart, Clayton has undertaken numerous ecological assessments within the Sydney region and has conducted detailed vegetation surveys for the purpose of producing REFs, Vegetation Management Plans and Ecological Assessments for several residential subdivision, and infrastructure developments in the greater Sydney region. Clayton has also assisted with several independent environmental audits for a variety of developments.

Clayton’s main fields of expertise are:

  • Environmental policy
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Research and report writing
  • GIS and mapping
  • Data Analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement


Brendan Ford 
B. Sc (Biology and Statistics)

Brendan is an ecologist and environmental scientist with particular expertise in terrestrial ecology and NSW flora identification.

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Brendan graduated from the University of Sydney in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology and Statistics. During his time studying he worked on numerous research projects including terrestrial ecology research assessing the effect of selective logging on native flora diversity and community structure, marine ecology research performing climate change species distribution modelling for an intertidal habitat-forming seaweed, and an urban ecology literature review examining how city environments effect the sexual signalling of a range of species persisting in these environments with a particular focus on the urban heat island effect. Brendan is passionate about Australian ecology, both marine and terrestrial, and how human society can better support and utilise our country’s natural systems.

Before joining Molino Stewart Brendan worked on native bushland regeneration and revegetation projects for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and MidCoast Council. He has also worked at Dingo Creek Rainforest Nursery where he propagated native plants for these projects and Council planting, and collected native plant seeds to bolster the genetic diversity of local flora populations. During this time, building upon knowledge gained in studies and through his passion for Australia’s natural environment, Brendan has developed advanced flora identification skills and a strong working knowledge of native fauna.

Since working with Molino Stewart Brendan has undertaken a variety of ecological assessments across the Sydney region and has conducted detailed flora and fauna surveys for Ecological Assessment Reports and Reviews of Environmental Factors (REFs) to support developments, environmental projects, and infrastructure. Brendan has also prepared Vegetation Management Plans and Feral Pest Animal Management Plans. He also holds a General construction induction card (White card) and has successfully undertaken the WIRES Rescue and Immediate Care Course.

Brendan’s main fields of expertise are:

  • Flora and fauna surveys with high-level skills in flora identification
  • Ecological Assessments
  • Reviews of Environmental Factors (REFs)
  • GIS and mapping
  • Data analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement


Jonathan Roast

M. Environmental Management, M. Environmental Business Management, B. Sc (Marine Science)

Jon is an environmental consultant with a background in ecology and environmental science.

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Jon holds a Bachelor of Science (Marine Science) and a Master of environmental business management from the University of Newcastle as well as a Master of Environmental Management from Macquarie University among other degrees. While studying Jon worked and assisted with numerous research projects, one such example including researching macroalgae assemblages and the spread of invasive macroalgae subspecies throughout the Greater Sydney region.

Jon is an ecologist who has worked on multiple project and studies in aquatic, marine and terrestrial environments. He has experience with ecological assessments, vegetation management plans and has worked extensively with community engagement and ecotourism around the Greater Sydney region.

Jon’s main areas of expertise include:

· Flora and Fauna Surveys

· Report Writing and research

· Environmental monitoring

· Community and stakeholder engagement

David Wilkins

B.Sc. Economics, M.Sc. Environmental Science
David is an experienced project manager with a commitment to contributing to ecologically sustainable development through environmental assessment and planning processes.

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David has over 20 years experience in managing consulting projects and large scale systems delivery projects. He is particularly adept at assisting clients to analyse and collaboratively resolve complex or contentious issues. David has expertise in flood response planning, environmental assessment and climate change impacts. David provides high quality services in:

  • Impact Assessment
  • Floodplain management
  • Environmental economics
  • Database and web applications


Neil Benning

B.E (Civil), M. Eng Sc (Civil)

Neil is a Senior Water Resources Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the hydrology and hydraulics of floodplains and the management of the risks associated with the use and occupation of flood-prone land.

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Neil has been associated with a number of floodplain and surface water management investigations involving the direct preparation of floodplain management schemes, detailed flood maps and Flood Study Reports in New South Wales, and examination of the hydraulics of structures on floodplains, e.g. road formations, bridges and levee banks.
Neil is recognised as a leading proponent of floodplain management in Australia and South-east Asia. He was also a principal author of the revised NSW Flood Policy and Floodplain Management Manual (2001) and National Guidelines for Floodplain Management in Australia (2000). Neil also has expertise in Emergency Management Measures for Natural Hazards.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Warning Systems
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Planning
  • Floodplain Management

Ruth Fernando

Accounts and Office Manager





Tushara Sathiyendra 

Administration and Accounts Assistant