Ecological Assessments and Management

Our ecologists have extensive experience in all aspects of ecological assessment and flora and fauna habitat management. Our ecological consulting expertise includes:

  • conducting flora and fauna surveys
  • flora and fauna monitoring
  • vegetation and fauna habitat mapping
  • ecological impact assessments
  • threatened species assessments & appraisals
  • biodiversity management plans
  • vegetation management plans
  • roadside vegetation management plans
  • Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports (BDAR)
  • expert testimony.

Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports

The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, together with the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017, outlines the framework for addressing impacts on biodiversity from development and clearing. It establishes a framework to avoid, minimise and offset impacts on biodiversity from development through the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme.

The Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) is a scientific method that assesses biodiversity values – it calculates likely biodiversity losses from impacts at development sites and gains from conserving land at stewardship sites. Only accredited assessors can carry out a BAM assessment.

Our accredited Assessor Ecologist can undertake an assessment using the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM), where required, i.e. if a project exceeds the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Threshold and write up the required report.

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Some examples of recent projects include:

Green and Golden Bell Frog Management Plans

Facilitated nine stakeholder workshops in Sydney, Wollongong and the Hunter Valley to develop local management plans for key Green and Golden Bell Frog (GGBF) populations in line with the NSW and national GGBF recovery plan. Wrote nine Local GGBF Management Plans and developed a guide for the creation of GGBF friendly gardens and habitat for urban areas. Client Feedback: “A pleasure to work with. did a great job meeting and addressing the challenges of a complex project”

Tudar Road Wetland and Vegetation Management Plan

Molino Stewart prepared a plan of management for an urban wetland which provides an important ecological attribute of permanent water contributing to the fauna values and conservation significance of Burnum Burnum Reserve, a core habitat in Sutherland’s Green Web.  The plan of management took ecological values, water quality function and human use of the reserve into account. The local community was involved in the planning process through a workshop. Hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality modelling was undertaken to inform the technical assessment. The plan of management provided management options to remediate the wetland and improve its integration into the ecosystem, improving and protecting water quality and riparian habitat values.

Ecological Assessment on Pacific Highway Upgrade – Woolgoolga to Ballina

Molino Stewart was engaged by Coffey to undertake ecological survey and assessments and supervise clearing for geotechnical and surveying works. This was part of the final design requirements for the upgrade of this section of the Pacific Highway. The Environmental Management Plan submitted for this work lists the requirement that in ecologically sensitive areas, all access routes for the drilling equipment shall be assessed and authorised by a qualified ecologist. This assessment must be undertaken prior to clearing of any vegetation. Ecologically sensitive areas included areas of known threatened flora or endangered ecological communities, koala habitat, riparian vegetation and habitat for the Oxylan Pygmy Perch (OPP) and threatened frog species.

Wedderburn Roadside Vegetation Plan

Molino Stewart was engaged to produce a Roadside Vegetation Operational Plan for the suburb of Wedderburn to guide Campbelltown City Council in the management of works associated with roads and roadsides. The conservation value of roadside vegetation was assessed and best practice guidelines for roadside vegetation management developed. The plan provided practical measures tailored to the roadside vegetation environments to ensure the roadside managers can undertake routine maintenance in a way that protects threatened species and endangered ecological communities and complies with all relevant legislation.

Ecological Constraints Analysis

Molino Stewart prepared an Ecological Constraints Analysis to support the Georges River Council’s Planning Proposal to rezone vacant land at River Road, Oatley for the purposes of aged care accommodation and ancillary services. The sensitivity of being adjacent to Myles Dunphy reserve, in proximity to the Georges River and bushfire prone land were issues considered in the assessment.

Minto Retirement Village Ecological Assessment

This 6ha site in the Campbelltown Local Government area is proposed to be developed for a retirement village.  It has substantial areas of remnant bushland and a detailed ecological assessment was undertaken to inform the design and development application.  Targeted surveys were undertaken for threatened species including Cumberland Land Snail and Koalas.  Biodiversity offset costs were estimated by our accredited assessor.