NSW Roadside Environment Committee


    NSW Roadside Environment Committee

    Since 2008, Molino Stewart has provided executive support services to the NSW Roadside Environment Committee (REC). The REC is a NSW government committee of linear infrastructure managers and environment organisations that promotes and coordinates leading practice in linear reserve environmental management across the State.

    The services we provide includes providing meeting minutes, responding to enquiries, production of the Committee’s annual report, support for the implementation of the Committee’s annual work plan, production of quarterly newsletters and management of the Committee’s website.

    Annual Reports

    Annual reports are available for the following years:

    2020-21 REC Annual Report

    2019-20 REC Annual Report

    2018-19 REC Annual Report

    2017-18 REC Annual Report

    2016-17 REC Annual Report

    2015-16 REC Annual Report


    Quarterly newsletters are produced which cover a range of news and topics relating to roadsides and other linear reserves.

    REC Newsletter Edition 47 August 2021
    REC Newsletter Edition 46 May 2021
    REC Newsletter Edition 45 February 2021

    REC Newsletter Edition 44 November 2020
    REC Newsletter Edition 43 August 2020
    REC Newsletter Edition 42 May 2020
    REC Newsletter Edition 41 February 2020

    REC Newsletter Edition 40 November 2019
    REC Newsletter Edition 39 August 2019
    REC Newsletter Edition 38 May 2019
    REC Newsletter Edition 37 February 2019