Environmental Audits

Our Exemplar Global certified auditors and lead auditors have extensive experience in performing environmental audits for manufacturers, construction contractors, project principals and regulators.

We have been appointed as environmental auditors by the NSW Land and Environment Court and by the EPA. We are also approved by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment as independent environmental auditors and environmental management representatives (EMRs).

This means we not only know what needs to be done to manage your environmental obligations, we have immense experience in getting things done, the right way, the first time. This ensures optimum time and cost outcomes. We perform the following types of audits:

  • Environmental regulatory compliance audits,
  • Facility environmental audits,
  • Construction environmental audits,
  • Integrated Management System audits, and
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) audits.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits

We have an established comprehensive environmental legal compliance audit process that we can tailor to individual operations.  This covers compliance with approval and consent conditions, licence conditions and statutory obligations.  We undertake such audits to help clients fulfil the requirements of development approvals or pollution licences, to help regulators check the compliance of projects or facilities or to enforce court orders.

Construction Environmental Audits

Our accredited auditors can perform environmental audits on your property, construction site or remediation project to ensure that developers and builders are in full compliance with the relevant legislation and approvals to protect the environment, the workers and the community.

Facility Environmental Audit

We can undertake independent audits of your facilities to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and benchmark operations against best practice environmental management in terms of water, waste and energy.

Example Projects

School Construction Audits 

Molino Stewart has completed construction audits for a number of school building projects, which are classified as State Significant Development. These audits typically involve a pre-construction audit, followed by annual audits until the completion of construction, and may also include operational audits. School construction projects audited include: 

  • Kent Road Public School 
  • Loreto Kirribilli  
  • Glenfield School for Specific Purposes 

Bourke Small Stock Abattoir Independent Environmental Audit (CAPRA Developments Pty Ltd)

Molino Stewart undertook the first independent environmental audit of both the construction and operational phases of the Bourke Small Stock Abattoir. The audit reviewed the project’s performance via systems, records, procedures, and site observations in relation to the conditions of the development consent statements of commitment and the relevant environment protection licences. The abattoir had a complex set of conditions including an EPL and obligations under the Biobanking Agreement. As such, Molino Stewart liaised with OEH, the EPA, and the BCT in order to determine whether obligations had been fulfilled by the abattoir as part of the audit scope. The audit was conducted in accordance with the audit objectives/terms of reference established during the audit briefing meeting.

Widemere Recycling Facility Independent Environmental Audit (Boral Ltd)

Widemere Recycling Facility is located in the LGA of Fairfield and is one of the largest recycling facilities in NSW. One of the conditions of approval for expansion in 2016 stipulates that the facility needs to be audited every three years on an ongoing basis. Molino Stewart was engaged to conduct the second independent audit for the site in 2020. The audit reviewed the project’s performance against the conditions outlined in the conditions of approval, the Environmental Protection Licence and additional Pollution Reduction Programs, agency responses arising during consultation, and other relevant documentation, procedures, and plans.

Orange Waste Project Independent Environmental Audit (Orange City Council)

Molino Stewart undertook the first independent environmental compliance audit of the Orange City Council Waste Project. The audit was required by conditions in the development consent. The audit reviewed the projects’ performance via systems, records, procedures and site observations in relation to the conditions of the original development consent, Orange City Council’s statements of commitment and the relevant environment protection licences for two sites. The audit was conducted in accordance with the audit objectives/terms of reference established during the audit briefing meeting. The audit considered a total of 380 conditions or statements of commitment.

Taralga Wind Farm EMR (windfarm owners)

Molino Stewart was approved in 2009 by the Department of Planning and Environment to be the appointed Environmental Management Representative (EMR) to independently audit the construction and operation of this 51 turbine wind farm north of Goulburn. This included auditing of both CEMP and OEMP and various specialist sub plans as well as the construction and operation of the windfarm. This was a particularly challenging project because it had significant community opposition and scrutiny, the ownership of the project changed four times during Molino Stewart’s commission and the eventual constructors and operators wanted to make significant changes to the design and construction of the wind farm which had originally been approved. This was during a period when a neighbouring wind farm was taken to court by the community over constructing unapproved modifications to its facility. Molino Stewart liaised with the Department of Planning and Environment over modifications and approvals, reviewed and approved CEMP, OEMP and relevant sub-plans, complaint and agency inquiry responses and conducted site audits. We continue to undertake regular operational audits of the facility as part of our ongoing EMR role

Transport infrastructure Compliance & Assurance Audits (TfNSW)

Molino Stewart has been on the Transport for New South Wales environmental auditor panel since 2013 and has conducted a number of strategic audits focusing on complex areas of management functions and the robustness and integrity of processes and systematic functions. We have conducted numerous operational/performance audits to validate effective functioning of internal processes and procedures to deliver train and bus infrastructure projects in an efficient manner. This has included more than 20 compliance audits for contractors and other Transport for NSW project delivery partners in accordance with contract requirements. He has assessed ISO Certification and other accreditation through the course of both internal and external audits commissioned and carried out under this panel. Client satisfaction was demonstrated by reappointment to a new panel in 2017 for four years.

Piggery Mandatory Environmental Audit (NSW EPA)

Molino Stewart was appointed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority to conduct a mandatory environmental audit of a piggery that had repeatedly breached licence conditions. The audit report was used as evidence in legal proceedings. This was the seventh facility where Molino Stewart was appointment by NSW EPA or the Land and Environment Court to conduct a mandatory environmental audit in response to ongoing licence breaches.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 Compliance Audit (Property Development Company)

Molino Stewart was appointed to independently audit the existing environmental management system of one of Australia’s leading property developers to determine whether it complied with the requirements of ISO14001:2015. Gaps were identified and recommendations made on how to achieve full compliance.

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